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Terms Of Service


  • All business negotiations will be conducted via email at


  • Paypal invoices are preferred but other methods may be discussed (except for stream commissions; see below).
  • Work will not begin until the commission is paid in full, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • DO NOT send money on your own; all standard payments are made through invoices. Any money sent outside of invoices will be considered a tip.
  • Payment plans can be negotiated, but work will not continue past the value that has already been paid (ex: if you have paid enough to cover the sketch and lineart but the finished product will be colored, I will do the sketch and lineart but will not begin coloring until that portion has been paid).
  • Tips are welcome but will not make your commission a higher priority.


  • Deadlines
    • I must be given a minimum of five days to work on sketches and two weeks for full color digital images before rush fees will be applied; the work time for traditional work will vary.
    • The artist may apply rush fees at their discretion. The amount will vary case-by-case.
    • Commissions with deadlines will be given priority over those without. Commissions with closer deadlines will be given priority over those with farther ones. Without deadlines, commissions will be worked on at the artist’s discretion.
  • Revisions
    • Revisions that are made because of the artist’s error are free, provided the commissioner points it out immediately. Those made because of the commissioner’s error, a mutual misunderstanding, or lack of communication may be subject to additional fees at the artist’s discretion.
    • Please condense revision requests into as few emails as possible, and take the time to double and triple check the work before asking for revisions. Revisions after the second email may require a fee. (Ex: send one email asking to change the expression, tail, and paws, not one email for each).
    • Major revisions during the sketch stage may require a fee, the amount of which will vary case-by-case.
    • Revisions to the pose, character shapes, expressions, etc cannot be made after the lines are inked.
    • Character design commissions may have up to two marking changes before they will be charged.
  • Complex Characters & Backgrounds
    • Complex character designs and backgrounds warrant a fee that will vary based on complexity; the fee is set at the artist’s discretion.
    • Things that constitute complex characters include but are not limited to: wings, extra limbs, intricate markings or textures (tiger stripes, wood grain, etc), feathers, armor or complex clothing.
  • Additional materials
    • Applies mostly to traditional work; the price of canvases/paper, mediums I do not already own, colors not included in the sets I do own, and any other additional materials may be added to the total price. This does not apply to commissions taken at conventions.
  • Shipping and Prints
    • Traditional works may be shipped to the client upon request. The fee will be the price of the shipping service, and if necessary, boxes, envelopes, bubblewrap, or any other shipping materials.
    • Prints can be requested at any time for an additional fee.


  1. Inquiry: The artist and client discuss the style, content, and price of the commission. Neither artist nor client is bound to anything at this point.
  2. Payment & Filled Slot: The artist will send the client an invoice via Paypal (unless otherwise negotiated). Once the artist receives the payment, the client will be added to the queue and the commission slot filled. Payment plans can be discussed. Work will not begin until paid in full, unless otherwise agreed.
  3. Sketch: The artist will lay out the pose, fill the characters out, and apply details. The lines will be rough and unfinished.
    • Though not always provided by default, the client may request a set of thumbnails to choose from before starting the sketch stage at no extra charge.
  4. Sketch approval: The artist will give a preview the sketch to the client. The client may request changes to the work that has been done (in which case steps 3 and 4 will repeat until the client is satisfied or the artist is unable to continue). Once the client gives their approval, work will continue. This is where the process for sketch commissions ends.
  5. Lines: The artist will outline the sketch and erase the sketch lines. Revisions to the sketch cannot be made after this point.
  6. Flat color: The lines will be filled with solid colors according to references provided. Not applicable to paintings.
  7. Flat color approval: The artist will give a preview of the flat colored piece to the client. The client may request changes to the colors (in which case steps 6 and 7 will repeat until the client is satisfied or the artist is unable to continue). Once the client gives their approval, work will continue. This is where the process for sketch commissions ends. Not applicable to paintings.
  8. Shading: The artist will apply lighting, shading, shadows, and highlights according to the style agreed upon during the inquiry. The client can request changes to the colors, markings, or lighting.
  9. Shading approval: The artist will give a preview of the completed piece to the client. The client may request changes to the lighting and shading (in which case steps 8 and 9 will repeat until the client is satisfied or the artist is unable to continue).
  10. Emailed files/shipped product: For digital work, the artist will email two versions of the finished product, one with a watermark and one without, to the client. For traditional work, in addition to the files, the finished product will be shipped to the address provided by the client, provided the client has paid for shipping or another arrangement has been agreed upon.

** The client has FIVE DAYS to respond to a sketch or color approval unless otherwise agreed upon. After five days the commission will be put on hold until there is another open slot or a response is received. Telling the artist you will get back to them with corrections (without including a date) does not count as a response. If the client does not reply within 30 days, the artist will partially refund the client based on how much work has been completed, and reserves the right to modify, repurpose, and resell any work that is completed. If the client would like to resume the commission after 30 days, may do so for the full price of the commission (the original quote may be void and subject to change).



  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise offensive jokes and comments will not be tolerated. The artist reserves the right to boot or ban people from the stream for any reason.
  • Debates are allowed, but if someone asks to change the subject, the subject must be changed immediately. Arguments are not allowed and it is up to the stream hosts to decide what is a debate and what is an argument.
  • Stream commissions
    • Paypal is the only acceptable form of payment. Payment is required upfront before the artists begins working. Tips are welcome but not expected.
    • Clients must fill out a stream sketch commission form. The artist will invoice when able.
    • Stream commissions will be completed within the stream week (Monday and Friday). They will not be completed off-stream.
    • Stream commissions will be completed in the order they were paid.
    • Orders for normal commissions may not be placed in a stream and will be redirected to email.


  • By the artist:
    • The artist may use the work for portfolios, advertisement, or any other promotional use. The client may not request that the finished piece not be posted online, with the exception of work done with the intent of being published; in this case, the artist will post the work once publication is complete.
    • The artist may make and sell prints of the completed piece, regardless of content. The client may choose to pay an extra fee to ensure that there will not be prints made of their piece.
      • This request must be made before the work is complete.
      • It is the responsibility of the client to alert the artist if they do not want prints to be made.
    • The artist reserves the right to make any changes, revisions, modifications, or additions to both canceled and completed commissions, or work on a piece beyond the client’s request for use as prints or other merchandise. Prints of the modified image may be made even if the client has requested there be no prints of the original version. Modified versions will not contain characters belonging to the commissioner nor anyone else besides the artist.
    • If a client wants a print of their commission, they may purchase it through the artist.
    • The artist reserves the right to share WIPs and watermarked high-resolution files of the commission as rewards on Patreon. The client will be credited.
  • By the client:
    • The client may repost the WATERMARKED version of the work wherever they please. They may NOT post the UN-watermarked version anywhere; that is strictly for their personal use. Credit via link back to the artist’s website or social media is required.
    • The client may crop or otherwise alter the work for PERSONAL use as an icon, banner, wallpaper, etc. Written credit would be greatly appreciated but is not strictly required.
    • The client may NOT use the work for personal profit via print sales, merchandise, etc. unless otherwise negotiated before payment. Exceptions may be made for cases where the client sells the design or rights to a character portrayed in the commission.
    • The above rights may be purchased from the artist for an additional fee.
    • The client may have prints of their work made for their own personal use or as gifts. They cannot sell prints of the work.
    • The client may NOT under any circumstances claim the work as their own.
    • The client may NOT have another artist draw over, finish, rework, or otherwise alter the image (i.e. buying a sketch and having another artist ink and color it) or do so themselves without express written permission. Any edits to the commission must be done by the original artist. This includes adding extra images by other artists on a case-by-case basis; please ask permission before including in a collage, etc. Exceptions will be made for animation.


  • By the artist:
    • The artist retains the right to reject a commission before payment under any circumstances.
    • The artist retains the right to abandon a commission after being paid for any reason. If it is for personal reasons, other life events, or due to the fault of the artist, the client will be partially or fully refunded, depending on how much work has been completed.. If the artist cancels due to pressure, harassment, or inappropriate behavior on the client’s part, the client may be given a full or partial refund or no refund at the artist’s discretion.
    • The artist will automatically partially refund the client after 30 days of no response (assuming the client left no notice).
  • By the client:
    • The client may cancel at any time before the work is completed, for any reason.
    • If the client cancels before work on the commission has begun, the client will be refunded in full. If work has already begun, the percentage of the refund will vary based on how much work is completed.
    • Cancellations due to dissatisfaction with work that the client has already approved will not be refunded.
    • The client cannot be refunded after the work is completed.
    • The artist reserves the right to modify, rework, and reuse cancelled commissions for any purpose. The commissioner’s characters will not appear in the modified version.


  • The artist retains the right to change both the prices and terms of service at any time, for any reason.
  • If these changes occur after a commission has been paid, the client is only held to the terms and price agreed to beforehand.
  • If these changes occur after a price has been agreed but has not been paid, the client is held to the agreed upon price but the new terms.


  • NSFW references are allowed.
  • Multiple references per character are allowed, but please try to keep it within reason.
  • Photographs are allowed for pose reference, humanoid characters, or species references.
  • Detailed descriptions are permitted in place of or in addition to images.
    • Please keep this to physical description, and if a pose/scenario was not specified, personality and/or hobbies (a list of character traits is fine). Your character’s full backstory is not necessary.




Base pricing are for full-body single character illustrations with simple backgrounds. Complexity fees may apply*. All work will be done digitally at high resolution and delivered to you via email or dropbox.

(* including but not limited to: detailing, complicated composition, backgrounds etc. Artist’s discretion)


  • Please contact me by email at michelle.b.moniz (at) gmail (dot) com with what you’re looking for.
  • DO NOT send your payment before you receive my invoice! I will ask for your PayPal address and send you an invoice!
  • Things I definitely won’t draw for hire: pornography, gore, gratuitous violence, pretty much anything NSFW
  • I have a right to refuse requests for any reason.


It’s been a while!

Shortly after my last post I got a contract position as a junior graphic designer at Rubicon Publishing. I started work on July 2nd 2014 and my contract ended on January 16th this year! I was hired as a designer for the series Trickster Tales. It was a great experience with a quick paced workflow that kept me busy each day.

Since my contract expired I’ve been organizing myself and trying to get my portfolio updated. Unfortunately this is taking longer than I would like. Those six months spent working on Trickster Tales really drained me and I didn’t work on many personal pieces during that time. Most of what I did work on were doodles, or half started projects.

Ideally I’d like to completely rework my portfolio, but I know this will take some time. If you’d like more frequent updates from me including works in progress and doodles, I’m quite active on my sketch blog.

Creative Weekly Recap!

Creative Weekly Recap

Over the past few months I’ve been participating in a secret group called “Creative Weekly”. In this group there is a deadline set for 8 pm every Wednesday. We have to complete a project or drawing for that deadline every week. This week marks the end of the 3 month chunk and we were tasked with reflecting on the past 3 months. I plan to post my finished images in a larger format over the next few days.


Creative Weekly Reflection

This art group has been a huge encouragement for keeping on time and keeping me drawing each week. Thanks to this group I’ve had a deadline set each week for a project which keeps me on my toes. It’s also been a great way to brush up on how to critique others and my own work. It’s given my critical eye practise and helped me pick up the vocabulary of art once again. It really reminds me of being in class together which I’ve really missed.

Two weeks into January was when I joined Creative Weekly! I decided to push myself and tried to finish a painting that first week. I wasn’t successful but I made a lot of progress. I also created my reference sheets for my minecraft roleplay character. It was great to get feedback on both the projects I was working on as I would come back to them later and fix them up.

February was a bit strange for me. I played with my “lineart” style of drawing this month. I tried my hand at redrawing some old images and started another new project. It was a lot of character exploration this month and a lot of sketches. I didn’t really finish any of my big projects but I did get a lot of work accomplished.

March found me finishing a few projects as well as completing a lot more sketches. I also started another new project. I was continuing to explore my roleplay character. I also did a couple of speed paints. I finished one of the projects I had started at the beginning of creative weekly while working on a bunch of other things.

Overall I feel like I’ve been struggling to finish my larger projects. I noticed I started a lot of new things but every time I started something larger I would lose interest partway through. I’d struggle to decide how to finish the image. I guess this is something I’m going to have to continue to work on. I spent a lot of time these past few months trying to improve my weaknesses. I worked really hard at drawing people (which I still need to practise) and I tried to finish a few paintings. I also worked with a bit of perspective and character design. I think in the next rounds I’m going to have to keep practising with my weaknesses. I’m also going to work towards finishing my larger pieces.